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—–Billy Pov—-


That boy has a set of lungs on him.

He comes out wailing.

Sarah just looks up at me doey eyed, smiling foundly down at our little boy.

Rachel and Rebecca stare at the little blue bundle in their mothers eyes with distaste.

“Why did you have to give us a brother, Take him back. Make the doctor take him back to the stork!”

“Ya, I asked for a little sister!”

“My sweets climb up here,” they obey their mother. “look at these little toes, and this little button nose.” the girls are giggling. “this round little belly,” Sarah sets jacob on her thighs as he ails away unhappily. “Now are your sure we should ask for a return on him?” Our little girls snuggling in next to their mother as she begins to nurse our little boy.

—–Years later—Jacob’s POV—–

Jacob Black

“Here!” I yell raising my hand.

“To the office young man.” she has tears in her eyes, I wonder why? the oohs from the class has me wanting to be the little clown everyone thinks I am. So I moon walk out of the door. The teacher usually would yell at me to just get on my way, but she just stares out the door a watery smile gracing her lips.

running down the short hallway, skidding to the wall. Oww! Rubbing my arm where I slid into the wall.

Chief Swan and Harry Clearwater stands in the little office. Charlie stands with his thumbs hooked into his gun belt. Harry is talking with the principle.

“Whats up?” I ask with a shaky voice, feeling like something has happened.

“I’m sorry son, your dad needs us to take you to the hospital.”

What had happen, was dad hurt? I didn’t get to voice my concerns or questions when both Chief and chief of the tribe took me out of the school. Harry had a hand on my shoulder pushing me forward. As though id bolt? Was it that bad?

Inside the car both were whispering, “Dad said secrets told in front of others are rude, You don’t want to be rude do you?” I felt like a caged animal in the back of the cruiser. They both tried to ignore me. Harry would look over his shoulder his eyes looked so sad and tired.

Chief swan would peek at me thought the rear view mirror, I was sick of the whispers and looks. So i stared out the window watching as we left La Push and into Forks. Why Forks hospital? I was getting scared now. Had something happen to my sisters, dad, mom? Why wont they talk to me.

“Jacob you mother was in a accident, Your father needs you to be strong now.” Nodding my head, the tears were welling up in my eyes as Chief swan beagn explaining to me somthing was wrong. Terribly wrong.

Seeing my mother so frail, fagil in the white bed. the memory hazy she looked like a angel. 

——— More years later ——

I had lost my mother.

Years later Dad lost use of his legs.

Gaining Bella, losing Bella. 

Gaining my Soul-mate.


Well today I am standing up at this make shift altar.

Tux on. Check!

Rings, in pocket. Check!

Mother, grand parents from both side, aunts and uncles glaring at me. Check!

I am 44 years old, although I look no older than 20. Still I waited this long to see her…..

Edward stands at the bottom of the stairs, just as Charlie had for Bella. His arm extended to Her.

Her! The world always tilts to her. My world is her.

White veil over her perfect face obscuring my view. KNowing how beautiful she is already.

I want to sprint down the aisle and toss her over my shoulder, shouting MINE! Standing stock still.

Edward must be reading my mind, as I meet his glare with one of my own. Nessie bare hand on his arm, Most likely showing him how happy she is. It took so long to get them to agree. It finally worked.

My young pure soon to be wife, is given away by her father…..Forever MINE!

(entry code: Blue)

My life has been quiet, I live with my father on the Quileute reservation in Washington I have two elder sisters, Rebecca who lives with her husband in Hawaii and Rachel that ends the university soon. my mom died when I was young in a car accident my father was in a wheelchair, this was also the reason why my sisters lived far away, the house brought them many memories, today in particular was a sad day, it was eight years since the accident.
I got out of bed and saw through the window, was a cloudy day of the commons in this area of the country. I put on some pants, a shirt and my sweatshirt, take my long hair in a ponytail. Billy was waiting for me in the kitchen with a spectacular breakfast. "Wow pop, this looks delicious.- He just smiled, was always quiet this day the fact of doesn’t remember much of my mother helped me to take the loss better. I respected my family's pain but sometimes I felt bad about not feeling the same. A knock on the door and the voices of my friends took me out of my thoughts, I got up to open the door and I could see Billy wiped his eyes. I opened the door and let them enter. –What’s up Jake? - Embry greeting as he entered and gave me a punch in the arm. -Ready for a race in the beach Jake, I saw some very beautiful girls on my way here. - commented Quil sinking into the sofa. Billy came out of the kitchen with a plate of bread on her lap. - Hello boys slid to the table and turned to Quil. - How is your grandfather Quil? - The commanding voice of Billy will always produce one type of feeling of authority. - Reasonably well sir. - He replied and sits better on the couch. Billy smiled. -Ok go? -. I ask the boys, who had stopped with his jokes by the presence of my father, never understood why others are paying attention to these things about lineage, and the chiefs of the tribe, always seemed to me like stories for tourists. Embry replied- course lets go. - animated again. When we walked out the door, Billy speaks again. - Charlie come to dinner today so do not take too long to the beach. -  Ok dad. - Close the door behind us and walk through a path right through the forest that leads to the beach. We walked a while along the edge of the beach chatting and joking, Quil had tried to flirt with a girl that was doing some research of I do know how animal, the result was a bit annoying Quil, full of mud and without any phone number. Embry and I have not stopped laughing for over an hour. The day was becoming sunnier. We enjoy a little more than planned from the beach, the sun we started to become orange, I decided to invite the boys to dinner, the truth I did not want to spend the entire dinner listening to talks about sports from my father and Charlie. We got home, Charlie was already there. - Hello, chief swam. - I say as seat in the couch. - Boys, I'm glad to see u, I wanted to talk with you Jake Charlie looks quite happy, the truth is quite lively this days. Sure, why I'm good this time? - smiled while Embry and Quil laughed and sat in the living room. - Your father has sold me his old truck, and I want to ask if maybe you could review it before bringing it to home.-he said, taking her drink and taking a sip. -My daughter Isabella comes to live with me, I don’t know if you remember and would like to give her a gift. - Billy entered the room with a pizza box and put it on the coffee table. -how forget Charlie if you have not stopped talking about it since you hear the news.- We all laughed even Charlie, nothing seemed to spoil his happiness. Take a piece of pizza. - Do not worry Charlie; I'll have ready the next week. - ate my pizza while thinking of the truck and the face of Charlie daughter when she saw the truck, was not an expert with the girls but I understand that any girl what’s an old truck as her first car. We ate and talked for several hours, until Embry´s mom call very angry, I said goodbye to the boys and I went to bed, I feel tired and had to repair the truck the next day, I fell asleep immediately. 
The next day I take my breakfast, and I went to give a peek to pick up before going to school. Returning from school I went straight to the garage to repair the truck, and did not leave until Billy call me to take dinner. After a week of the same routine, I was tired but had made my best effort to save the truck; Charlie would come to pick it up tomorrow before heading for his daughter to the airport. Into the house collapsed on the sofa, was a little tired and had not yet done some homework. -End of the truck. - I told my father that is on a table, reading a newspaper. -That well, Charlie said would pass for her early- he looks my tired face and smile – why you’re not going to rest a while son. -  I left the couch. –Good idea dad. -  And went to take a shower. I gave him good night; I slept in my bed and fall completely asleep.
The following weeks passed pretty normal and boring. Always the same routine school, beach, forest and my home. Was Saturday, I was in my room finishing some homework, when the boys came to invite me to the beach, I said goodbye to Billy and we went to the beach, we walked a while until we saw a group of teenagers who were on the beach, around a campfire, Quil always willing to socialize with the girls convinced us that we approached. Was a group of boys who came from forks to hang on the beach, they invited us to stay, their other friends had gone for a walk along the beach. we chatted a bit and introduced ourselves, the other group appeared soon after, the boy named Erick introduced us to their friends, the name of the daughter of Charlie caught my attention, was a pretty girl, long brown hair, pale, thin and chocolate eyes, which rested on me with curiosity when perceive my eyes. Sam introduced us all. One of the boys brought sandwiches and everyone started eating, the girl seemed pretty quiet, lost in his own thoughts. During the lunch the clouds started to advance, slinking across the blue sky, darting in front of the sun momentarily, casting long shadows across the beach, and blackening the waves. As they finished eating people started to drift away in twos and threes. Leaving just Jared, Sam, two guys who were listening to a CD, one girl, the daughter of Charlie and me. A few minutes later, the girl goes with the walkers and I saw my chance, walk
slowly to sit on the free site which the girls had left. She seemed pretty focused on my face, it made me blush a little, something impossible to see through the color of my skin. --You’re Isabella swan, right? -  seemed somewhat frustrated. -Bella. - corrected me with a sigh. I held my hand out. - I'm Jacob Black, you bought my dad´s truck. She recognized my father and asked for my sisters, was surprised for Rebecca marriage.  -So how do you like the truck?- I asked. She smiles. –I love it, it runs great. We talk about cars for a while, seemed to have enough appreciation for the old truck. Was very kind and had a beautiful smile, a girl interrupted us, by the expression on their faces, they weren’t good friends. The girl mentioned something about the Cullen family, who had refused entry to the reserve by a stupid legend, Sam replied the girl that Cullen did not go to the reservation, and the girl seemed not to mind and returns her attention to the boy and cd.  But Bella seemed quite interested in this topic. - So is forks driving you insane yet? - I asked, she smiled out of his thoughts. –oh, I’d say that´s an understatement- smiled at her in  sign of understandingly, suddenly her expression change, gave me a look that left me breathless. –do u what go to take a walk down the beach whit me? - I jump off my seat. 
We walked north; the sea was dark and temperature drop, her look very shy whit hands on his pockets. She asks my age fluttered her eyelids, wow this girls is pretty –I just turn fifteen. - She looks surprise. – Would think you were older. - This flattered me, a smile come to my face. –I’m tall for my age. - she asked me if I was going too often to forks, I replied no, but showed Disillusion, or let me know that my answer had been wrong, try to fix it, mentioning my new project, and apparently worked, she smiled and changed the subject. – How was the other boy Lauren was talking to? He look a little old to be hanging out whit us.- she lumped herself whit the youngsters that means she doesn’t feel to older to me, this make feel happy. –That’s Sam, he’s nineteen. - I informed her; don’t let her discover my real mood. –What was that he was saying about the doctor’s family? - She asked, this is my opportunity to impress her. –The Cullen’s? Oh, they´re not supposed to come onto the reservation. - I looked away whit a mysterious expression. –Why not? - I glaced back to her, bitting my lip, suppress my sufficiency smile. – Oops, I’m not supposed to say anything about that.-  -oh I won’t tell anyone, in just curios.- she smile to me, perfect she fall in my tramp, now I just have to tell her the stupid legend about the doctors family. I smiled back, lifted an eyebrow and turn my voice huskier try to imitate Billy’s voice.- do you like scary stories?- asked – I love them.- she reply very enthused, I strolled to a nearby driftwood tree, perched lightly of one of the twisted roots she seat beneath me on the body of the tree. After a silent moment, her interest was bigger a smile hovering around the edges of my lips. –you now any old stories, about where we came from, the Quileute’s, I mean? - - not really. - She admits very interest. –well there a lots of legends. I told her about one of the legends, only to increase the suspense I couldn’t suppress smile, to the improbability of the legend, i talked to the wolves and the cold ones, that seemed interested her. –The cold ones? - She asked quite intrigued. –yes there are stories of the cold ones as old as the wolf legends, and some much more recent. According to legend, my own great-father knew some of them. He was the one who made the treaty that kept them off our land.- couldn’t avoid rolled mi eyes, This is one of the most ridiculous legend of the village, but everyone considered the most important, to me they were all nonsense. –Your great-grandfather? - She asked quite surprised and entertaining, perfect it was easy, even his friends had forgotten. –he was a tribal elder, like my father. You see, the cold ones are the natural enemies of the wolf. Well, not the wolf really, but the wolves turn into men like our ancestors. You would call them werewolves. She seemed quite astonished. –Werewolves have enemies?- only one- now she saw me whit admiration, I  told her the difference between the cold ones of  treaty and the others. –so my great-grandfather made a truce whit them. If they would promise to stay off our lands, we wouldn’t expose them to the pale-faces. - I winked at her. –if they weren’t dangerous, then why..?-. She seemed quite interested now, trying to understand all the legend. –there’s always a risk for humans to be around the cold ones, even if they´re civilized like this clan was. You never know when they might get too hungry to resist. - I decided to see if she was frightened, giving a threatening tones to my voice. –What do you mean “civilized”? - Wow, this girl was hard; she seemed more interested than scared. –they claimed that they didn’t hunt humans. They supposedly were somehow able to prey on animals instead. - Now seemed skeptical, with no hint of fear. –so how does it fit in whit the Cullen’s? Are they like the cold ones your great-grandfather met? -  - no. - I made a dramatic pause. –They are the same ones. - Finally her face show fear, a smug smile appeared on my face. –there more of them now, a new female and a new male, but the rest are the same in my great- grandfather time, they already knew of the leader Carlisle. He´d been here and gone before your people had even arrived. - Even how scared she was, her face was quite pretty. –And what are they? - I tried to keep a smile as she gathered the courage to keep on talking without her voice cracked with fear. –What are the cold ones? - I put a dark smile, as they put on television to tell the end of a ghost story. –Blood drinkers-. Follow my narrative whit chilled voice. –Your people call them vampires. - The expression on his face was priceless.-you have goose bumps. - Laugh satisfied with my work. - You are a good storyteller- she was staring at the waves; maybe I had gone a little to the story. Perfect Jacob you scared her. Try calling her attention again. – Pretty crazy stuff, though, isn´t it? No wonder my dad doesn’t want us to talk about it to anyone. - - I won’t give you away. - Was still staring at the waves, maybe she wasn’t Scared, maybe she was bored. -I guess I just violated the treaty. - I laugh try catch her attention again. -I'll take it to the grave-. She promise and then shuddered. Okay then she wasn’t frightened, and if she talk to this whit Charlie, remember the last fight dad and Charlie had for this theme. -Seriously, though, don't say anything to Charlie. He was pretty mad at
My dad when he heard that some of us weren't going to the hospital since
Dr. Cullen started working there-. - I won't, of course not-. She even seemed somewhat disturbed. -So do you think we're a bunch of superstitious natives or what? - Try to sound playful but I worried about his eyes lost in the waves. She turn to my finally and smile. -No. I think you're very good at telling scary stories, though. I still
Have goose bumps, see? - She held up her arm. – Cool. - I smiled back, the sound of the stones under the shoes of someone made us, a blond guy followed by a girl. Came to us. -There you are, Bella.- His voice had a tone of relief and jealousy. -Is that your boyfriend? - ask, as the boy waves his arm. -No, definitely not-.she seemed a bit upset, winked at me, and turn away from the boy this made me smile pleased. -So when I get my license…. - did not let me finish. -You should come see me in Forks. We could hang out sometime. - I smiled again, boy came towards us, he made a couple of silly questions, she smiled at me while answered. When the boy mentions the approaching rain, she stood up quickly. -It was nice to see you again. - I said, letting the guy know we are old friends. -It really was. Next time Charlie comes down to see Billy, I'll come, to. - promised, i smiled broadly. - That would be cool. - -And thanks. - She added, as she turned and go whit her friend. I return with the boys, rain began to fall; I had to put up Embry jokes and the inexperienced advice by Quil all the way back home. Told Billy i had seen the daughter of Charlie but I don’t tell him about the story, seemed quite happy that i had a good time with her. That night I went to bed with a smile on my face, Bella was so cute and sure we would become good friends and if luck favors me maybe something else, I fell asleep with these thoughts in my head.

 (entry code: Yellow)

Another rainy day in Forks, as usual. Jacob Black and some of his pack mates, Embry and Quil went to The Cullen's residence. The Cullens had explained to Jacob that some of The Volturi guards are going to visit Forks just to check the situation around here. The evil twins, Jane and Alec will come to Forks. The Cullen's want Jacob Black and Sam Uley to stay around their residence to protect the humans. They don't want Jane and Alec to break any treaty or kill any humans in Forks. After listening to what The Cullen's asked them to do, Jacob Black went back to his home. He explained everything to Sam.

The next day, the evil twins arrived at The Cullen's residence. Jacob and the other Alpha, Sam already at the Cullen's.
Jacob was sitting in the kitchen, eating some cakes that Esme made for him and then he saw Jane, the little evil guards fromVolturi. Jane was glaring at Jacob and Sam, she gave them her evil face. Then Jacob stood up and walked to Jane and introduced himself.

"I'm Jacob" he said to Jane, introducing himself. Alec hissed at Jacob "Stay away from my sister, you filthy dog".

Jacob stepped back, he didn't want cause any trouble in there. He kept staring at Jane in a really weird way.
After Jane and Alec checked around The Cullen's house, they decided to stay there for a while. Jane was walking around
in the woods, and suddenly Jacob came out from nowhere, facing her.

"Okay, you're Jacob, I'm Jane. Happy ? Now stay away, you smell like a wet dog" Jane kept walking towards Jacob.
Jacob walked after her and grabbed her arm "Don't go". Jane was pissed, so she used her power. Her pain. She gave Jacob her pain, and then Jake fell to the ground in pain, suddenly unsure of what was happening. His body was convulsing in the worst pain imaginable but his mind didn't seem to register it. Those red eyes that were supposed to torture him, were the ones he had instantly fallen in love with. His mind seemed to go blank as he stared up at Jane, the love of his life, his imprint.
He didn't even know imprinting could happen this fast, without any warning whatsoever but all he knew was that he wanted the young vampire. Jane didn't seem to notice what was going on, she only became more furious when she realized that her
power had stopped affecting the boy, who was now getting up as if nothing had happened. Jane backed away from him slowly, her face twisted in confusion.

"How did you...I mean, those ? " Jacob bravely stopped in front of her face, his hand just touching her cold cheek.

"I'm your imprint" Jacob said softly.

Jane scoffed "Your what ?" she asked incredulously, unaware of how little space there was between them.

Jacob's hand cupped her cheek slowly and gently, tracing her soft skin with his thumb."My imprint. My life partner, the love of my life, center of my universe, my soul mate, something like that." He said nervously, his other hand resting on her shoulder. She stared up at him for a few moments, her entire mind in a state of shock much different from his.
The entire situation seemed incomprehensible and yet, seemed to make more sense than she could ever understand.
He was in love, she didn't know what to do. She had tried to attack Jacob, but he had immediately repelled her mind powers,
claiming he was her mate and such.

"You are my mate ?" Jane paused for a while then started talking again "My mate is a filthy dog ? I You're just messing with me. You're lying"

Jacob shook his head "I'm not messing with you and I'm not lying. You are my imprint, Jane of Volturi. I know, this is definitely shocking because this is
really unexpected for me too. I mean, you're a filthy bloodsuckers and I'm an awesome wolf. And...well, I don't wanna hurt your feelings Jane. But yes, you're my mate."

Jane still can't believe everything that the wolf said. She laughed softly and said "Lies. Go away."

Jacob can't let her go, he put his fingers under her chin and lifted her face to his and kissed her lightly.

Jane stopped "What was...what did you do ? What do you want ?"

"Jane, don't you understand, I'm your mate, your imprint. Please, don't do this to me."

Jane sighed and left Jacob alone in the middle of the woods. She ran back to the Cullen's and decided to go back to Volterra with her brother. When Jane and Alec arrived in Volterra, they reported everything to their masters. But Aro was angry, because he told them to stay in Forks at least for three days. Alec told him that Jane, his sister, whined and asked him to go back to Volterra earlier.

"Jane, my dear, I want you to go back to The Cullen's and stay there for a week. You didn't obey my order and I'm sorry, Alec
isn't going back to Forks with you. You're going alone" Aro explained.

"But master, I am so..."

"No buts ! You're going back to Forks tonight" Aro said firmly.

In La Push, Jacob Black was patrolling with Embry, Quil and Seth on the next day. And suddenly, Jane came. The wolves growled at her, because no vampires are allowed to enter La Push because of the treaty. Jane was wearing her black cloak and she tied her hair up, as usual. When Jacob saw her, he asked his pack to go back home and phased into human.

"You're back" Jacob said.

Jane nodded "Happy ? I need you to explain me about the imprinting stuff" she said. Jacob nodded in agreement and led her to the beach.
They sat down on the sand and then Jacob started talking "Imprinting is like love at first sight, only stronger. As soon as they see the person that they have imprinted on, then they can't stay away from them and will do anything for them. Imprinting isn't something you can force. Just like love. You can't force yourself to love someone" he explained.

"So, you can't stay away from me ? We're mates now ? We're like that freaky mind reader dude and his lovely shield girl eh ?" Jane asked.

"Indeed, Edward and Bella. You know, at first, I can't believe that I imprinted on you. A leech from Volterra." Jacob said.
Jane rolled her eyes and said "Fine, do you want some cookies ? You just got back from patrolling right ? I bet you're
tired and hungry" she offered.

Jacob chuckled "Are you sick or did you hit your head or something ?" he asked.

"No, I didn't" Jane stood up and pulled Jake's hand "C'mon you lazy mutt. You only live once and if you do it right, once is enough"

Jacob held Jane's hand and they went to Emily Young's house. They had a little argument with Sam Uley, because
Jane broke the treaty. Jacob explained about everything and then Sam approved. Jane helped Emily in the kitchen.
They baked some cookies and cooked some foods for the wolf pack.

"Wow, this is not so bad Jane" Jacob said as he eats the food that Jane cooked.

Jane smirked "Thanks. Emily helped me." She said then she sat next to Jacob.
Days passed, it's been more than one week Jane stayed in La Push with Jacob. When Jacob and Jane were hanging around at The Clearwater's, some of the Volturi guards, Alec, Felix and Demetri came. They caught Jane hanging with Jacob, a werewolf. Alec forced Jane to go back to Volterra, but she refused. They said goodbyes, but they didn't gave up. Aro asked them to burn down La Push if Jane refused, so they obeyed what their master said. They burned down La Push and everyonewas panicked.

"What the...what did you do ? Do you know how many people live here ?" Jane yelled at Alec and the other guards.
"And are you defending those filthy humans now ? Who are you sister ? You changed because of that filthy dog" Alec shouted at Jane "And you mutt, you took Jane, and she's our family. You are going to lose your family too. See you soon, hope you two are happy" Alec said to Jacob then left the res with Demetri and Felix. A couple of minutes after Alec and the other guards left, Sam called Jacob to come to his house. Something happened to Jacob's father.

"Her friends attacked Billy. I'm sorry Jacob" Sam said.

Alec, Demetri and Felix killed Billy. Jacob was so angry and he apologized to Jane and kicked her out of La Push. He told her not to come back. Then Jane went back to Volterra. She was angry and mad at Aro and the other guards who burned down La Push. She was so angry at her brother, because he wasn't defending her. She explained the imprinting thing and then she took off her Volturi crest necklace and told them that she doesn't want to be a Volturi anymore.

The next day, she went back to La Push, not wearing her black cloak. She straighten her hair and she was wearing a normal shirt. Jacob was shocked when he saw her. He told her not to come back but she came.

"What do you want ?" Jacob asked her with an angry tone.

Jane sighed "If you ask me what I want, I guess you already know. I am sorry about your father. Do you know what I did for you Jacob ?" she asked.

Jacob shook his head and then Jane began talking again "I left the Volturi for you. I explained the imprinting stuff and then I left. I am no longer a Volturi."

"What ? You left your coven for me ? I..I mean, they are your family. And who am I ? I am nothing" Jacob wasn't finished talking but then Jane said "You aren't nothing for me. You are my imprint, my mate. And I can't stay away from you. You are the love of my life, my life partner, the center of my universe, just like what you've said to me."
Jacob smiled "Wow, I'm impressed. I can't believe you left the Volturi just for me. I mean, I am just a filthy mutt. And are like a high-class vampire."

Jane rolled her eyes "High class ?" she scoffed "Yeah right"

"But Jane, I want to apologize because I kicked you out from La Push. I didn't mean it, I'm sorry" Jacob said then stroked her cheek.

Jane said "No worries, I don't really have a heart so you didn't broke my heart." she giggled softly.

"Good. And you don't need to worry, you can live with me. I will talk to Sam and the other wolf pack so they will allow you stay in La Push. Promise me you won't cause any trouble ?" Jake asked.

Jane nodded "I promise." she said "And thanks a lot, Jacob. I'm glad you imprinted on me."

"I take that as a compliment sweetheart" Jacob kissed her hair and then they went to Jacob's house.

Jacob Black talked to the wolf pack about Jane. The wolf pack consider her as their family because Jake imprinted on her.
And Jane become a vegetarian.

 (entry code: purple)

It was only after I noticed that Paul wasn’t in my house anymore that I eagerly 
realized that it was that time of day again and hastily grabbed a gray shirt 
from a pile of clean clothes that I didn’t bother putting away. I put it on as I 
contentedly strode to the garage and pushed my motorcycle onto the dirt road 
outside. It was only a few months since Bella set certain rules whenever I 
visited and having a shirt and pants on were one of them. Another was that I had 
to use a vehicle to get to their house. Once upon a time, I would have argued 
with her but since Nessie asked me to just put up with her crazy vampire mom, I 
just rolled my eyes and agreed. Edward knew how I felt about his wife’s attitude 
but he hasn’t tattled on me yet. He only had one rule, get Ness home in perfect 
condition. Which already went without saying so. If Ness so as much tripped over 
a stone, I would throw the unfortunate rock over the cliffs and into the 
ever-choppy waters below.

I smirked and kicked my bike to life, the wind whistling past me as I drove by. 
I never wore a helmet whenever I rode my old Harley Sprint. I didn’t really need 
it, anyway. My thoughts wandered as I loomed closer to the Cullen’s.  When the 
white vampire lair started to come into view, I vaguely wondered if I was too 
early. The sky seemed to be lighter than usual, its glowing blue mingling with 
the fiery red that barely peered over the treetops. Pushing that trivial 
observation to the back of my mind, I slowed to a stop a few feet away from the 
porch. I shoved the kickstand down with my foot and walked to the porch and up 
the stairs. I realized with a smile that it was a Friday.  

I always knocked three times. Knock, knock, kno- and the door would open. On a 
good day, it would either be Ness or Bella who opened the door. On an average 
day, it would be Edward, Carlisle, Alice or Esme. On a bad day, it would be the 
psycho Blondie. Emmett and Jasper never bothered to open the door. They were 
usually outside or doing whatever it is that vampires do.

Apparently, it was a good day since Bella opened the door for me. Her eyes were 
a warm honey. Before, it was kind of disconcerting that her eyes were a hungry 
red, then dark amber and then warm fuzzy gold but after a few years, I got used 
to it. I grinned and said, “Hey Bells.” She smiled. “Hey Jake,” she greeted. She 
stepped aside to let me in and commented, “You’re early today.” I entered and 
ignored the reeking vampire scent as best as I possibly could and shrugged 
nonchalantly. Bella rolled her eyes and I noticed that she was wearing a 
sundress. It was a sapphire-colored and made her look just as pretty as Nessie. 
I said casually, “What’s with the get-up?” Her face pinched and said one word 
that explained it all, “Alice.”

There were no more questions in my head. The tiny future-seeing vampire was 
capable of a lot of things, but she could never make Bella appreciate girly-girl 
stuff like dresses. She did influence Nessie, though. I bet she was upstairs 
with Alice right now. Sighing, I followed Bella as she walked to the living room 
and sat down on the arm of the armchair that Edward sat in. His head turned to 
me and his golden eyes appraised my appearance. His eyes suddenly locked onto 
Bella’s and the corners of his mouth twitched. He shot me a glance and looked 
away. Rosalie just walked into the room and she scowled. “Afternoon, putrid 
mongrel.” she greeted. It was usually this way; Blondie sees me, says something 
mean and I tell her a blonde joke. I needed a lot of these so thank god for the 
internet. I said, “I got another one today Blondie. What do you call a blonde 
who dyes her hair brown?” She shot me a deathglare and growled, “I don’t speak 
Dog language. “ I ignored her a
 nd wondered, fully aware that Edward could hear my thoughts, Has she heard 
this? He shook his head by a fraction and I grinned, saying, “It’s Artificial 
intelligence.” She glowered at me with a look that screamed I-want-to-feed-you-your-insides."

“Jake!” I turned around and saw my stunning Nessie in a beige sundress. She 
took my breath away every time I saw her. It was so hard to believe that I 
belonged to this dazzling girl. I grinned at her and her face lit up, like the 
dawn on a spring morning. She ran down the stairs and touched my face. She was 
so warm and gentle; I loved her more than everything in my life. She showed me 
what happened while she was away, the boring classes, the noisy popular kids, 
the ridiculous football games; basically everything that usually happens in 
school. After a few seconds she turned to her parents and smiled. Bella and 
Edward smiled back and Nessie walked charmingly towards them. She hugged her dad 
and kissed her mom on the cheek before turning to me. She took my hand and led 
me outside. I noticed Alice didn’t come down. Maybe she was busy cleaning up. I 
snapped out of my thoughts when Ness asked me, “Where are we going today?” I 
smiled slyly and said, “It’s a surprise.
  C’mon, we shouldn’t be late.” She pouted cutely as I revved up my bike and 
patted the backseat. She got the hint and climbed behind me, wrapping her arms 
securely around my waist. I glanced up at the sky, which was already being 
overruled by the blazing sunset red. I pushed the speedometer to 60 and I felt 
Ness bury her head in my back. I grinned as we drew nearer to our destination.

I pulled up beside a dirt road and kicked the kickstand down. I helped Nessie 
off and she brushed some invisible dirt off her dress. She looked around and 
touched my face, showing me what she saw. Her thoughts had confusion mixed into 
them. I said reassuringly, “Don’t worry, I’ll take you there.” She raised an 
eyebrow at me and I slung her over my back.  I felt her soft bronze ringlets 
brush my ear. She hooked her chin over my shoulder and draped her hands over my 
chest. I made sure she was secure and ran into the forest. After a few seconds 
we arrived.

It was a cliff. Sam and the others used to go cliff-diving here. This was where 
Bella jumped a couple of years back. I passed by a couple of days ago, during 
one of my patrols. It was sunrise and I remembered how much it reminded me of 
how Nessie made me feel. The sea was lit up with pale pink rays of sunlight as 
the fiery star rose up from the other side of the world. It gradually rose in 
all its radiance, burning yellow, warm and vivacious. I wondered what it would 
look like during sunset and decided to see it for the first time with Ness. I 
already set aside a couple of large blankets this morning and set Nessie down on 
her feet to get them. I stashed them behind a bush and pulled it out, relieved 
that they were still clean. I spread them over the ground and looked over the 
horizon. We were right on time. 

Nessie smiled and sat down on the blanket, folding her legs beneath her dress. 
She took my hand and coaxed me to sit down next to her. I was only too happy to 
comply. I sat down and she touched my cheek, asking in a thought, Where’d you 
find this place? I smiled and answered, “It used to be a popular place to 
cliff-dive. Your mom actually jumped off this cliff a couple of years back.” Her 
warm brown eyes widened but she allowed me to continue. “I passed by this place 
a few days ago, during sunrise. It was so beautiful, Ness. I wondered how it 
would look during sunset and, well, since I wanted you to see this place too; I 
thought it would be a good idea to see the sunset with you. ”

"I felt her warm hands touch my face again and she showed me what we came to 
see. I saw the sunset over the horizon in exquisite detail. The blazing red was 
being pushed over the horizon by the deep violet sky. A few slight clouds 
strayed to the west, towards First Beach, drifting with the wind. She turned 
towards the horizon and took a deep, soothing breath. The sea spray smelled 
nice, blending with the woodsy scent that surrounded us. She took her hand away 
and smiled at me before gesturing to the scene that unfolded before us. The sun 
was all but gone now, a fourth of its face seeming to glare at the sky that 
pushed it over the edge. The burning red rays were claws that gripped the 
darkening sea as the sun finished its journey on this side of the earth.

I looked at Nessie as she gazed at the fading sunset. Her bronze hair glowed red 
as the sunlight began to fade and her alabaster skin blushed because of the 
light. For a few minutes, she looked completely human. My mouth must have been 
hanging open in awe because when she turned to look at me, she laughed and 
pushed my jaw up lightly. I committed her laugh to my memory; it was more 
beautiful than any other sound I’ve ever heard. She beamed and touched my face. 
I saw myself through Nessie’s eyes. My mouth was hanging open and as she pushed 
up my jaw, she was happy; happy to be with me today, happy that I loved her and 
most of all; happy that she had everyone she loved in her life. Right now, for 
her, it was perfect. All because of you, she thought.

I raised an eyebrow at her and she giggled. “I think it’s perfect too,” I 
murmured in her ear as I embraced her. I felt her smile against my neck and she 
placed her hands on my back. She said, “I was serious when I thought that it’s 
all because of you, Jake.” I loved it when she spoke; it was like a choir of 
angels. We stayed like that for a while, simply enjoying being with each other 
for as long as possible. Then I noticed it was dark. I looked up and saw a 
million stars over the sea and a crescent moon that smiled like the Cheshire cat 
in Alice in Wonderland. Nessie felt my head turn and she pulled away, curious, 
looking in the same direction. Her eyes lit up and she smiled as she took in the 

The sea was still rough but the sky was calm and clear of clouds. The stars 
shone uninterrupted and the moon smiled. It was magnificent. Ness pointed out 
several constellations and gave a brief history on each one. I remembered every 
word. I liked the easiest ones, like Orion and Cassiopeia. I had a hard time 
remembering where the Big and Little Dippers were. After a couple hours, Nessie 
reluctantly reminded me of her curfew. I frowned; both of us hated this part of 

I stood up and stretched my arms over my head and helped Nessie to her feet. I 
offered to carry her but she declined, grinning. “Let’s race,” she said 
cheerfully. I grinned back and put myself into a running stance. She did too. I 
counted, “Three...two...ONE!” Both of us took off and I heard her laughter 
echoing in the trees. I refused to be distracted and focused on the race. I let 
her win though. She grinned at me triumphantly and I rolled my eyes. She hugged 
me suddenly and kissed my cheek lightly. I chuckled and kissed her cheek. Her 
eyes lit up, brighter than the stars. I started up my bike and Ness climbed on 
behind me. She leaned her head on my shoulder as I drove her home and I knew she 
was sleepy."

"We arrived a few minutes before ten o’clock and I had to carry her through the 
door since she was too tired to walk. I set her down on the sofa and she smiled. 
I saw Bella come down the stairs and Edward followed closely behind her. Nessie 
touched her mom’s hand and gave her a run-down on what we did this afternoon. 
Edward just read her thoughts; his eyes occasionally flicking towards mine. 
After a moment, Bella smiled at me and Nessie said tiredly, “Good night, Jake. 
See you tomorrow, okay?” She smiled at me and she whispered in my ear, “Love 
you, Jake.” I whispered back, “Love you more, Ness. See you tomorrow.”"